About Us

More than 105 years ago, the Loggia Giosue Carducci Lodge #146 Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy was founded as a meeting place for Italian Americans to enjoy the fellowship of our brothers and sisters of Italian descent.

Today everyone is welcome to join The Sons and Daughters of Italy. We offer both social and regular memberships. We treasure the diverse community that now makes up our club.

The Sons club has grown and changed a lot since those first thirty men and women began meeting, but some things have stayed the same---like our commitment to building connections and caring for our community.

Building Connections

We offer special events and customer appreciation days, so the bonds of friendship grow among our members. The Sons works hard to be a clean, friendly place where good people can enjoy great drinks at low prices.

Thanks to the teamwork of our members, we have also developed activities for the entire family over the years, such as the family picnic, children’s Christmas party, and the Communion Breakfast.

“The Sons and Daughters of Italy is a good place to go and socialize. You can take part in a lot of the fun activities the club has going on like corn hole tournaments, bocce tournaments, our pool leagues and the many great fundraising events we do.”

– Board member Steve Aquino

Caring For Our Community

Since our inception, The Sons has been mindful of our community and the land of our mothers and fathers, Italy. Every dollar you spend in our club helps to make a difference. The Sons proudly support many charitable endeavors in our community every year because we care.

Over the years, we have supported many charitable and civic endeavors, like The Ross Library, Infant Development, the YMCA, Clinton County Special Olympics, the American Cancer Society, local school groups and many others. Our popular Spaghetti Dinners benefit these local causes, building goodwill in the Clinton County communities.

Our generous scholarship program is funded by the popular Guns and Games Picnic at our scenic Sons of Italy Picnic Grounds. More than 750 attendees join us for a chance to win cash and prizes.

We also have the opportunity to donate thousands of dollars thanks to the proceeds of our gambling license.

Dedicated Leadership

The leaders of The Sons and Daughters of Italy have made our club what it is. We are very grateful for their service and guidance and that of our past leaders. Below is a list of names of those currently serving on our Board.

President Dan Vilello
Vice-President Lew Santonico
Treasurer Steve Acquino
Financial Secretary Scott Moore
Orator Craig Miller
Recording Secretary Bob Nevins
Trustee Tom Walker
Trustee Perry Walker
Trustee Larry McNerney
Trustee Bill Sementelli
Trustee Ken Fisher
Guard Steve Tasselli
Historian Craig Rippey
Master of Ceremonies Keith Duvall
Wally Watt
Immediate Past President Dennis Caprio

“I was elected in 2015 to serve as the 21st President of the Loggia Giosue Carducci Lodge #146. In my career, I have worked with many local elected officials and served on many Authorities and Boards of Directors at all levels. I can say without hesitation that the Board of Directors at the Lock Haven Sons and Daughters of Italy #146, are the best I have ever been associated with. They understand the needs of the community and what projects we should fund to provide the most good for our community.”

-Current President Dan Vilello